Everyone has their reasons for choosing their path, whether it is personal or career oriented, and sometimes a little of both. What brought me to my journey of health and wellness were my own struggles. Moving from New York to Florida was a change in life that my body could not endure. Now, years later, I understand it was not just my body but by both my mind and soul that were also affected.  After many visits to various specialists, they finally identified it as Fibromyalgia, an illness that lays dormant until something “wakes it up.” In my situation it was stress.  Fibromyalgia is typically overactive nerve endings that present as pain. In my experience it showed up as muscle pain and extreme exhaustion, and ultimately Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What to do next??? Sure, I could have taken numerous medications, but I chose to explore the natural way of healing. A change in diet, increased movement and exercise (not the easiest when you are experiencing these symptoms) and eventually the use of holistic modalities changed my life.  Moving forward a few years, I was so passionate about the positive changes in my life and how they were accomplished, that I wanted to share with others and help them as well.  Health and life coaching became my path, and as a student it became clear that I needed to take control of my own overall health and wellness. Shortly after becoming a certified health coach, I became aware of various holistic modalities that improved my health and life even further.   Taking a trip in January to Michigan to see my brother’s inauguration as the Mayor of Lansing, we decided to experience an infrared sauna session.  Why not, it was -11 degrees outside with lots of snow? A whole new world of holistic healing modalities opened up.  It became my mission to make these holistic health services available to others with the creation of Zen Sweat Den, infrared sauna & wellness spa in West Palm Beach. 

Now years later, after meeting amazing clients and watching the results of providing these holistic health services, the universe has presented another path. Balance Light & Wellness was born, giving me the opportunity to continue both Health & Life Coaching and LED Light Therapy sessions. The services are now available to clients local to Palm Beach and Broward County and for coaching, anywhere via zoom or phone as well.  InLight LED Light systems are also available for home purchase and use.

The InLight LED Therapy is a system of pads that provide many healing benefits with the use of light diodes and I became aware of it’s powerful effects at yet another challenging time in my life.  A traumatic bicycle accident almost took my husband’s life. He did require a serious reconstructive facial surgery and experienced intense pain, however the effects of this unique healing modality offered him neck and back recovery and nerve regeneration at an unprecedented level.

This is my story to share, with the message that we all have choices and to give hope for alternative healing.  Hope to be able to connect with many more who are stuck, and seeking  to explore with coaching, LED Light Therapy and wellness products.

Wishing you all happiness and health always!