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Laurie Chaplin

We start our Health/Life Coaching Discovery session getting to know you and meeting you where you are, discussing what your optimal life looks like. From there, we work together to make choices based on “your” intuition.  Gaining clarity, building confidence and feeling empowerment, while embracing the needs of “your” body and mind, will ultimately be the key to our journey to success

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“When I began my sessions with Laurie, I was looking to get advice on nutrition and wellness.  I wanted to become more confident, feel better in my body and develop relationships on a deeper level. When we reviewed my goals, I realized that I had lost 12 lbs., have a meaningful relationship with a man, and feel more confident with my friendships. She helped me look inward and ask myself questions that led me to develop a deeper sense of myself.  I really look forward to using the tools and strategies that she has provided for me to use in all aspects of my life going forward.”

Jennifer T.

“The holistic coaching has been a really positive experience. I enjoy connecting with a life coach, because we hit so many different angles, yet you still have that safe space to share and open up about things you wouldn’t with your best friends or family. Laurie provides a very open non judgmental space for you to share. I decided to continue the program after 90 days again as I was making so much progress. I wanted to keep growing and expanding on a very conscious level. When you have someone to guide you, you can get there much faster, whatever it may be, spirituality, relationship with food, finances or relationships. Overall the coaching has helped me reach higher levels of self esteem, positive outlook, more at ease in everyday life and to tactfully reach my goals.

Helen J.

Balance Light & Wellness offers services to the following South Florida communities:

West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana, Wellington